WOD - Workout Of the Day


A combination of strength and endurance guarantee a different workout each day.  Olympic Lifting is also incorporated to build strength.  A WOD can range from 10 to 50 minutes with a warm-up and stretching before.

Power Lifting


Barbells and weights.  Workouts are developed to build strength over a 8-12 week cycle. This, combined with WODs, can build overall strength and endurance. 

Fight Club - God WOD


If you are looking to build confidence, a strong core, lean muscle mass, and increase endurance, this workout is for you.  

This class also includes Bible Study before each workout.

Kidz - God WOD


Training at its best!  Before each workout, Kidz includes Bible Study for the first 10 minutes.

Instruction includes a combination of strength, endurance, and proper nutrition. We focus on each child's individual needs. Attention to form, proper technique and movement are highly emphasized as to prevent injury.  Building strength and endurance will help any child looking to stay healthy and fit! 

Open Gym


This gives individuals a chance to do their own style workout, or work on skills of their choosing.  A coach is available during this time, unless specified.

Personal Coaching


If you have specific training needs, or want to condition for a sport, a personal coaching program may be what you're looking for. 

Personal coaching is available on request and we can develop a program specifically for you!