Rosemarie Wall

Coach Rose started her fitness career 13 years ago when she received her Personal Training certificate through the American Council of Exercise.  She followed up with a Health Coaching Certificate through Integrative Health and is now a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. 

She started out as a personal trainer in her home working with both youth and adults.  Having experienced the “Big Gym” atmosphere for a year, she decided it wasn’t for her and was given the opportunity to coach at We Are III.  This is where the roots set in for her.  While at We Are III, she started to clearly see what her fitness journey was supposed to be.  Her passion for training grew so much she decided to start her own personal and small group training business.

Coach Rose created the FitKidz Club at Vaughan Elementary over a year ago as she saw a need for this type of activity in their after-school program.  She was happily welcomed along with her Co-Coach, Lesley Shoplock.  Starting FitKidz Club gave her the opportunity to be in the school teaching kids a healthy active lifestyle.


Lesley Shoplock

Fitness has been a part of Coach Lesley’s life since her early teens.  She has participated in soccer, tennis, track, and horseback riding.

Lesley holds personal training certification through the University of West Georgia and the National Council on Strength and Fitness.  She is currently studying Resistance Training Programs, and is Heart Saver CPR certified.

Lesley has experience in teaching several different fitness classes including Indoor/Outdoor Bootcamp, Circuit/Interval Training, and Sculpting and Toning.  She’s passionate about exercise and nutrition and strives to help individuals become stronger, healthier, and more self-confident.


Lesley began coaching at Fitkidz Club in April 2018.  She believes in educating children on the importance of exercise through fun and challenging fitness activities.  Her training concentrates on functional movements, agility, cardiovascular endurance and speed.